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All students have different needs when it comes to accommodation. Some of you will be after quiet and privacy, whilst others will be looking to share with large groups of friends.

Claypenny Student Properties Sheffield has the accommodation to suit all of your needs. We can accommodate individuals in single rooms, or in groups from 2 to 20+.

All of our Sheffield properties are situated in the most sought-after locations, and are fully equipped to provide high quality living Student Accommodation Sheffield to students during their studies.

Browse through our properties below to reserve your place for the next academic year.

14 Harland Road Ecclesall, Sheffield, S11 8NB

A truly outstanding 4 bedroom property on one of the most desirable roads in the heart of the student village just off Ecclesall road. Less then a minutes walk to the Collegiate campus and local shops, bars and local amenities this property is perfect. The property comprises of fully fitted kitchen with sloping velux window giving loads of natural light into the kitchen and communal area. Student Houses Sheffield have Kitchen leading onto large lounge fully furnished with Ikea furnishings. 4 double bedrooms all furnished with ikea furnishings plus two bathrooms. Tastefully decorated throughout with trendy light fittings and digital aerial points in each bedroom. A fantastic opportunity for 4 students wanting to be in the heart of the action and only seconds away from University plus close to friends and other students.

For More Information: Sheffield Student Houses



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A Guide To Storing Items Correctly In Your Fridge

From packing suitcases to filling drawers, and from keeping receipts and credit cards in our wallets and purses to overloading the washing machine – we’re all guilty of being a little, shall we say, less than neat from time to time.

We all know from going on holiday and not wanting to be caught short from unpredictable weather that we can often want to pack more shoes, clothes and toiletries than our suitcases can handle. And at home, many of us are hoarders of the most unforgiving kind – our wardrobes are practically bursting at the seams, and none of our drawers will close.Kitchens Surrey

When I go shopping, I invariably stuff the receipt in my wallet, which, along with my credit cards, banking cards, loyalty cards, library cards, insurance cards and AA card, often feels more like a rubbish bin than a cash receptacle (and there’s never enough of the green stuff in there anyway!!).

Yes, we can be – okay, let’s forget about the ‘less than neat’ euphemisms now – decidedly untidy from time to time, and nowhere is this better exemplified to our shame than in the fridge.

It’s true – after we’ve prised a pair of jeans out of the overstuffed drawer, thrown on a coat from somewhere near the entrance to Narnia at the back of the wardrobe, gone to the shops and filled our shopping trolley higher than our heads and then stuffed yet another yard-long receipt into our already overcrowded purse or wallet, we’ve then got to unpack everything and find a home for it all back in the kitchen.

For me, this is the worst kitchen job of them all. I actually quite enjoy shopping, I absolutely adore cooking (and eating), I don’t even mind doing the cleaning. But, if I won the lottery, then the first thing I’d do is employ someone for just 20 minutes once a week to unpack my shopping and put it all away in the cupboards, freezer and fridge for me.

I’m not joking. It’s a horrible task. Awful.

But, alas, it has to be done – and I don’t even play the lottery, so I guess I’m stuck with doing it for the foreseeable futurerest of my life anyway.

Being Neat Makes Sense In Lots Of Ways

Ah, well. What does encourage me to plough on through the task at hand, however, is the thought that by storing all my food items in my fridge correctly, I will at least be cutting down significantly on my wastage.

Astonishingly, the average household will spend roughly £480 a year on food that they eventually throw in the bin. This is simply a crime against humanity if nothing else, so, for me, it’s imperative that I make my food last in the fridge so that it’s still fresh by the time I use it.

What is more, food stored incorrectly in the fridge can be susceptible to cross-contamination of all sorts of nasty bacteria – let alone cause havoc with the appliance’s temperature, which in itself can be the cause of anything from salmonella to listeria multiplying to dangerous levels and causing food poisoning.

So, now that we know the risks, let’s consider what we might do to prevent them.

A Guide To Storing Items Correctly In Your Fridge

Top Shelf

Here is the warmest part of the fridge, which means that it’s the best place to keep your pre-prepared foods such as jars of sauces, cheeses, yoghurts and creams. In fact, other dairy like butter or margarine is best kept here too, and if there’s room for the milk bottles then squeeze them in as well.

Middle Shelf

This is the shelf that you reserve for your leftovers. Any cooked meats that you didn’t finish along with your Sunday roast can take up residence here, along with sealed containers filled with any stews, casseroles, rice, pasta or curries that didn’t get gobbled up when you prepared them.

Bottom Shelf

This is the coldest part of the fridge, so is best reserved for the most volatile and perishable items on your shopping list. Kitchens Cheshire This means all of your raw meat and fish. You need to keep these items either sealed up in the packaging that they come in, or otherwise place them in sealed containers yourself. Not only does this make sense over temperature concerns, but placing these items on the bottom shelf means that there is no risk of any blood or raw juices dripping down onto ready-to-eat foods, which, especially in the case of chicken, could cause any unsuspecting midnight nibblers all sorts of gastrointestinal trouble.

Salad Drawer

Here is the place for all of your fruits, salads and vegetables. Some salad drawers come with humidity controls which help certain vegetables – such as lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower, beans, broccoli and carrots – stay crisper and fresher for longer.

Door Racks

Since the door is the one place in the fridge that will always find itself exposed to warm air from time to time, the temperature here will invariably fluctuate. Therefore, this is the best place to store your food items that do not rely so heavily on being constantly held at a chilled temperature in order to last. Fruit juices, condiments, jams and eggs are most at home here, and if there wasn’t room for the milk on the top shelf, then it will be fine in the door rack.

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אז איך משכנעים את הבעל לשתף פעולה?

1. תאיימי בסקס

אנחנו רגילות לעשות את זה גם ככה. אז הנה עוד הזדמנות לתרגל את העניין

2. דברי ללב שלו

תסבירי לו שזאת התקופה המרגשת בחייך. שאת מרגישה שאת נושאת חיים בתוכך שעוד מעט ישתנו חייכם ללא הכר. את מרגישה מהממת ונשית מתמיד. הבטן העגולה מוסיפה לך חן ואת ניראת נפלא. זאת ללא ספק סיבה מספיק טובה לצילומים.

צילומי הריון – סטודיו ליאורית  בוק בת מצווה

3. יהיה כיף

צילומים בסטודיו זה לא כמו לשבת על הספה ולעשות תמונות עם האייפון. הסטודיו מאובזר במיטב הציוד והאביזרים, צלמת מוכשרת ומנוסה. התמונות יוצאות מאלפות וכל הזוגות מספרים שזאת חוויה מדהימה. הצילומים נעשים באוירה כיפית עם מוסיקה והתאמה אישית ללקוח. התמונות הן אישיות וגם החוויה היא אישית וזוגית מאוד. שעה עוברת כמו עשר דקות ורק רוצים להמשיך ולעשות עוד פוזות מגניבות ולנסות עוד אביזרים אחרים.

 צילומי הריון – סטודיו ליאורית

4. יש קפה

יש קפה נגדים וקפה אשכנזים, עוגיות טעימות ולפעמים גם עוגה. ספה נוחה והאישה מספיק עסוקה כדי שאתה תוכל לשחק באייפון.

5. דברי למצפון שלו

השמנתי 15 קילו, יש לי מצבי רוח, הקאות ובחילות. אני פוחדת מהלידה, יהיו לי צירים ואצטרך לקבל אפידורל. אני מזיעה בכל חלק בגופי. כואבות לי הברכיים, הידיים, הצוואר, הגב. התחלתי לאכול סופלה עם זיתים. אני לא יכולה להתהפך, להסתובב, להתיישב ולהתכופף.

אז מה כבר ביקשתי??? שעה של צילומים בסטודיו …

6. זה לא יקר

כמה עולה ג’ינס ברמי-לי ? כמה עולה חזייה להריון? כמה עולה קורס הכנה ללידה?

400 ש”ח לשעה של צילומים ומזכרת לכל החיים כבר לא נשמע כל כך יקר.

ואם בסכום כלולות גם 15 תמונות ערוכות, ואלבום רשת ומתנה מיוחדת …

את מוזמנת להתרשם מהעבודות שלי וליצור קשר.

אשמח לשמוע ממך,

ליאורית – צילומי הריון

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Kitchen Design Trends For 2016 – Mobalpa Richmond

One of the most important aspects for our clients’ new kitchens is of course the design. Practicality is of course imperative – if you can’t work and cook in your kitchen then even the most innovative and daring designs will make the room redundant for all intents and purposes – but, nonetheless, having the most up-to-date Kitchens Cheshire is a high priority for many.

And that is the art of the kitchen designer, of course. Balancing substance with style is the craft, as well as being able to work and create within a given space.

Trends come and go. This is the internet age after all, and what was hot last year is not necessarily so trendy in 2015. With whole catalogues available online for anybody and everybody to browse through, staying ahead of the game and leading the way for innovation has never had to happen so urgently.

If you’re forking out for a brand new kitchen, then you of course are going to want it to be as modern as is possible.

The kitchen designs that have proven to be en vogue this year have had a tendency to place a large focus on few very specific factors. So let’s quickly recap exactly what they were/are, before we consider what is likely to be big in 2016.

2015 Trends

Social Areas

The Kitchens Surrey is continuing to become the most important room in the house in terms of where homeowners, their children and their friends prefer to gather. This has meant that kitchens have actually become a lot bigger, with walls being knocked down and extensions being built to create the space for larger, airier kitchens.

Neutral Colours

Yes, long gone are the days of the bright funky yellows, oranges and multi-coloured tiling. In 2015 we have continued to see a rise in the preferences for greys, whites, blacks and soft creams. These neutral colours which have been dominating the palettes of designers over the past year have been perfect for accentuating little pockets brightness here and there, or for making those lime green, lipstick red or blood orange utensils stand out dramatically against the softer backdrop.

Warm Metals

Warm metals, of course, have surged in popularity all over the home, and the trend has not bypassed the kitchen. Copper, bronze and brass have found their calling in everything from taps to lighting to cupboard handles, with the good old copper pan making a bit of a comeback as well.

Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

The trends of 2015 will inevitably carry over somewhat to next year (the industry’s not that fickle, honestly). So social areas, neutral colours and warm metals will still prove to be popular in the forthcoming years.

However, with each new season there emerges a new set of initiatives and designs that kitchen designers will have been working hard to envisage and sell to the public and critics alike – and so we produce here the ones that we think will stand the test of time.

Open Shelving

Practicality is so important for the kitchen. The room is essentially a work station – albeit one that encompasses the staff room, kids’ playroom and often dining room all in one. But, be that as it may, it always pays to design a kitchen with a pragmatic mind frame – even when trying to break the mould.

Open shelving is perfect, as food items, especially if stored in kilner jars and the like, are at once decorative and practical. They personalise the space, making it feel warm and lived in, whilst also keeping the station functional and easy to use.


Yes, moving away from the neutral blacks, whites and greys, having wallpaper that wows is becoming hot. Adding interest and character to the most-used room in the house in the form of wallpaper we think will continue to prove popular into 2016.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to add a visual impact immediately as soon as someone sets foot in the room. Even if it’s just on a single wall, the juxtaposition of a neutral grey wall to a stunningly patterned blue wallpapered one can be simply stunning. You have the control with wallpaper to add an interesting layer of contrast to your otherwise simple and reserved colour palette.


The ceiling is the oft-forgotten component to the design of many interiors, but we predict that in 2016 this is set to change. Of course, when we enter a room, we don’t normally ‘look up’, but statement-making ceilings are coming, and they’re designed to make people do just that.

The trends will come in the forms of bulkheads, coffer ceilings, classic embellishments and lighting – but the fact will be that ceilings will start to form as part of a room’s beauty and design once more.

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Kitchens MOBALPA Richmond

At Mobalpa Richmond, we proudly design beautiful functional kitchens with good product quality and finish from concept to completion. Kitchens Cheshire Our striking colours create harmonies with the most daring of elegance and distinctive designs or simply a fresh approach to wood aesthetically pleasing and practical to all homes. Our in-house team are ready to work with you to achieve your dream kitchen – pop into our showroom and let us jointly design your home living lifestyle. And  At Mobalpa Richmond Kitchens Surrey ,

we proudly design beautiful functional kitchens with good product quality and finish from concept to completion. Our striking colours create harmonies with the most daring of elegance and distinctive designs or simply a fresh approach to wood aesthetically pleasing and practical to all homes. Our in-house team are ready to work with you to achieve your dream kitchen – pop into our showroom and let us jointly design your home living lifestyle.

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Sheffield is eminent for its warm and inviting way to deal with guests

Sheffield is England’s fourth biggest city, after Leeds, Birmingham and London. With a populace in abundance of 512,000, its thought to be one of the most secure urban areas in the UK urban areas to live and work.

A great part of the city exists in the Peak District National Park (truth be told its the main UK city to have a national stop inside of its limits), furthermore contains 150 forests and 50 open parks making it England’s greenest city.

In spite of the quite adored greenery, Student Accommodation Sheffield is otherwise called ‘the city of steel’, because of its notable steel industry, is still viewed as one of the world’s most talented assembling regions in cutting edge designing and pro steels.

Most Popular with Students

Voted just like the most mainstream understudy destination in the UK, more graduates choose to stay in Sheffield once they have completed their studies than in some other college city. Both of the colleges in Student Accommodation Sheffield are eminent for creating effective graduates, with more than 92% of the 12,000 that rise every year going ahead to discover productive occupation.

Sports aficionados will be quick to realize that Sheffield FC is the most established running football group on the planet, and the main other group separated from Real Madrid to be granted the FIFA Order of Merit. At the same time, if football’s not your thing, then Sheffield is obviously home to the Crucible Theater, where the World Snooker Championship is held consistently.

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The most secure bitcoin wallet on the planet!

EliptiBox is a Ultra Secured Bitcoin Wallet that is insusceptible to all digital assaults.

It is a little box that join with Android cell phone through Bluetooth.

It is completely overseen from your cell phone and gives you the best ease of use with ultra-high security.

It is the main wallet on the planet that has:


FPGA Firewall is a True bitcoin hardware wallet Logic Machine which is the main flawless approach to get genuine security. Rather than all other equipment wallets, this firewall gives full insurance against code infusion, USB weakness, equipment and RNG trojans that exist on mechanical ICs.

It has a great deal of stunning peculiarities like biometric sensor, E-Ink Display, uSD card for reinforcement, inside blaze memory, authenticator chip, phisysical TRNG and then some… (Perused cry).

The majority of that inside a size of 3×6 cm and thickness of just 9mm, much littler than a Mastercard.

This is the consequence of involved one of a kind experience, two years of diligent work and striving for flawlessness.

The flawlessness of this gadget goes much deeper into the equipment structure and PCB layers. It has complete metal protecting, physical confinement of the Crypto Zone and partition against crosstalk and radiation.

It is 100% open source to permit every one of you to trust just yourself and make creative arrangements with it.

We welcome you to peruse about our answer, group method and crowdfunding.

We accept that, in the same way as us, you are going to fall head over heels in love

In what capacity would I be able to trust FPGA code generator apparatus to make definite execution of the abnormal state code?

FPGA code is a portrayal of the real silicon associations of the application circuit with last number of circuit states and last number of inputs and yields. These associations are steady and characterized by the bitstream. The designer can check circuit conduct by infusing all conceivable inputs mixes and recording all yields. Our source code is an intelligible reference for the circuit conduct.

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Types of Neighborhoods categorized for Real Estate Market

Real Estate market is becoming competitive and more complex each day. In order to keep things clear for Realtors / Real Estate Agents “Neighborhoods” can be been categorized as of 12 kinds.  So they themselves keep things clear and also provide with clear voice to their client. It is one of the important real estate marketing tools nowaday to provide the client with types of places or lets say Types of Neighborhoods you can provide client with. 

1. Urban Core (Downtown)

2. Urban Pioneer (Up-and-Coming)

3. New Urban

4. Cul-de-sacs & Kids (Bedroom)

5. Pedestrian

6. Historic

7. Status/Destination

8. Ethnic

9. Active/Resort

10. Golf

11. Retirement

12. Rural

While Marketing yourself as real estate agent , it would increase confidence of the clients in you they get to know the types of Neighborhoods you deal in. And keeping the listings categories will help you sort to show the houses at once when a requirement is thrown upon by client. These categories will be explained further in next post soon.



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National Shed Week

Arrangement Sheds are extremely basic here in the United Kingdom. Numerous mortgage holders fabricate sheds for diverse workshop Some individuals utilize their enclosure shed to for additional stockpiling, living space and

diversions, whilst some individuals still utilize their enclosure sheds for their adoration in-entryway planting.

With the most recent innovation and developing patterns, individuals are exploring different avenues regarding new mixed bags of sheds. We can securely say that an entire new garden sheds industry is developing with its own particular character.Presently, some of you may as of now be acquainted with the idea however for others this may be an astonishment.

Yes! There is a national shed week happening every year.This post is for the attention to all the shed beaus out there and will give a couple of insights about the national shed week.

At the point when is it celebrated?

National Shed Week is commended in the first week of July from first till seventh all through UK. Not long from now will be the eighth year of this current week. It began in 2007.Consistently a huge number of shed partners take an interest in this national shed week and are known as

“sheddies”, where they hotshot their sheds furthermore their abilities to others.

Why is it celebrated?It is commended to give introduction and support to all the shed devotees out there. Those

who put in day and night in their sheds love them and deal with them like their children, and numerous such individuals partake in the National Shed Week.

These individuals take pride in their arrangement sheds; redo them in ways that are exceptional, captivating

furthermore just virtuoso. Numerous new sorts like a tardis shed are observed there too.

Shed of the Year Amid not long from now, members participate in a rival in which the judges choose the best of the

best and crown the champ as “Shed of The Year”. A wide assortment of sheds are found at the opposition, from Eco sheds to Garden Workshops, just the most one of a kind ones win the honor for “Shed of The Year”.

In 2014, Channel 4 surprisingly broadcast the finalists in a TV arrangement named as Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. A gigantic measure of individuals, around 20,000, voted in favor of the victor.

In 2014, Allotment Roofed Shed won the grant. This inventive shed was partitioned into distinctive parts, with one region for painting other music practice and a workshop at the again too.In the event that you additionally need to partake in this magnificent rivalry and need to get this chance to

showcase your remarkable sheds, then you can enter in the opposition too.You can just visit where they are tolerating the passages for the Sheds Direct of the Year 2015.

On the off chance that you need to repair your old sheds into more up to date modernized ones, then we can direct you through the way. On the off chance that you have any arrangement shed thoughts then you can contact us, we have an extensive variety of enclosure sheds including potting sheds and arrangement workshops.

We additionally work in building altered enclosure sheds as indicated by the needs of our customers.Don’t hesitate to call us at 01405 765400 or email us at with your shed thoughts.

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תרבות מתנות מנהג יהודית

זאטוט קטן מתחיל לפתח צעד אחר צעד ולהפוך למבוגר. כפי שצוין על ידי הכינוס של יהדות יש להם ההלכה היהודית והן בגברים הצעירים זה כשמשיג את גיל 13 והגברת הצעירה משיגה את גיל 12 אז יש שירות פסטיבל מדהים והילד מקבל להיות בר מצווה ו גברת צעירה להגיע להיות בת מצווה. כל המשפחה מציעה ברכות לילדים. זכות יהודית ההקדשים מעבר או ברכות לבת מצווה עשויה להיות ברכות יום הולדת עם זאת מיני הברכות הצפויות הם ייחודיים במידה מסוימת. הצעות לבר המצווה הן יודאיקה, במזומן, הקדשים מזוהים עם ילדות, המצאות כמו MP4s או בילויי מחשב, אופניים, תחנות משחק, הסחת גברים, צעירים תקליטורים וספרים. בת מצווה יכולה לשלב קופסות עץ, קופסא קרבה, אוספי תצלומים, אבזרים, שרשרות רולו. כמו כן ניתן לתת עיטור כברכה

בוק בת מצווה

לברה מצווה או בת. הקדשים אלה למלא אושר בלב הילד וגברת צעירה.

בת מצווה מקבלת פנינים הרבה מגוונות מדי. קישוטי בת מצווה נחשבים כמו רוב הקדשים מענגים ובעל ערך הניתנים לכל אדם במנהגים יהודים. עיטור להוסיף חוסר מאמץ לפאר של גברת צעירה. מחשבות כמה לתכשיטי בת מצווה הן wristbands יד, עתיק קלוע לב צמיד, כסף מגן דוד, חמסה, עיניים, וחי תליון ושרשרת תורה קדושה.

חתונה היא אחד החלקים הטובים ביותר של חייו של אדם.חתונה יהודית היא שירות חתונה שונה ומדי פעם בכל זאת, הדבר הרגיל בחתונה היא כתובה, שהוא חוזה נישואים מסומנים על ידי שני עדים, וטבעת שניתנה לבני הזוג על ידי הגבר בר מזל, ושבירה זכוכית. כתובה של החתונה היהודית היא נקודות עניין או solaces נתן על ידי בן הזוג לאישה שלה, הממחישות את המחויבות ואת ביטחונו.העותק המקורי מוקף והראה בביתם. יש איסוף פסטיבל ענק בנישואין. קרובי משפחה, חברים ואחרים מציעים ברכות לזוג שנעשה לאחרונה.הברכות להפגין האהבה ואוהבת בין אחד לשנייה.

ברכות החתונה היהודיות לשלב זהב הנייר קל לחתוך כתובה, שמיימי ירושלים כתובה, פמוטים אשר להסתבך להאיר את החיים שם, weddingjester, גם זיכרון מסגרות, לתת ארומה באגרטל שלהם בעתיד החיים הפרחוני הראשוני ולפאר של פסלי עץ בית. אנשים שונים נותנים הקדשים של טעם ייחודי. יש אנשים בנוסף נותנים ספרים כמו הבית היהודי, עץ החיים כתובה יתר על ספרים לחיים טובים יותר לחתונה.

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welsh gifts for your loved one on valentine’s day

Find welsh gifts that reflect the spirit, customs and culture of Wales.

1)Welsh Hoodies 

These cool & groovy welsh hoodies comes in a variety of designs which include the ever popular welsh dialect, welsh slogan abd dragonpower ranges.


2)welsh Mug

If you are looking for a Welsh Mug for home or the office then we have a wide selection for you to choose from. We also have a personalised mug range if you would like your name on your welsh mug as well.


We have a wide selection of Welsh t shirts designed just for the girls and they come in a variety of design colours as well as t shirt colours. We also have a wide selection of Welsh t shirts designed just for the Guys and they come in a variety of design colours as well as tshirt colours.


Looking to learn Welsh or to teach friends, relatives or the rest of the world a few Welsh Phrases? Our Myg Mug designs will be just your cuppa tea then. These stylishly designed myg mugs which are available in earthenware ceramic as well as Bone China comprise of a number of everyday Welsh phrases with the Welsh on one side and the English translation on the other. All the designs in the collection are available in a choice of 8 different colours.


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Entertaining the World through Art – Brian Olsen

Brian Olsen’s Art gives you a chance to explore the world through art. Wondering how? You should

never worry. By being a gifted artist, Brian Olsen uses the power of his hands and up to three brushes to

finish excellent artistic portraits. All his portraits are done in a style to give an explicit expression how

beautiful the nature looks. Brian Olsen does paintings from musicians’ portraits of politicians, from top

sports players to other significant corporate figures.performance painter

Brian Olsen will entertain you within a couple of minutes with a well-finished artistic portrait. From his

great gift and experience in drawing, his does the artwork both with passion and courage. The portraits

will entertain you with their colorful displays. While in his painting chores, Brian uses the power of his

hands. Speed painter There is incorporation of his elbows, palms, fingertips and the hands in general.

What about his creations? They are all designed to form music that is stimulating and powerful to the

senses. You will find out that all the entertainment from his artwork gives you an experience that is

emotional. He has got the skills, techniques, and ability to share his experience of action, music, and

color in a way that will bring you to the art-world.

Brian has achieved a lot in the field of art and entertainment. Many people over the world have been

brought together; despite their race, color, ethnic group, size, gender, or culture. He will use a six by

four and a half foot of a piece of canvas to put down his drawings. During the start, you will be amazed

how he turns a sketch image to a figure that resembles the “real musician” that you have always

admired. Brain will draw sports figures, and other people who are famous using this technique. As an

audience expect to be highly captivated and motivated by his work.

Brian Olsen has studied painting. He did this while under Denny Dent, a famous worldwide artist, who

thrilled the world through his artistic work. All the artwork done by Brian is made to portray a sense of

captivation which stimulates your mind and makes you feel that you have explored the world. He has

also diversified his work in many ways. From him, you will be able to drive home a great message of

creativity. You will allow music to drive art and drama to a conclusion that will make you be nostalgic of

that moment in the future.

Do you need to take home a portrait of your favorite figure? Do you have a person whom you emulate

as your role model and you would wish to present to them a portrait gift? Brain makes your dreams

come true.Speed painting He will draw and finish your picture in a style on canvas paper. In simple terms, Brian Olsen’s

Art does nothing much than entertaining the world through artwork. He will stimulate your senses no

matter your culture or race. From his passion and skills of artwork, brain makes you enjoy your world

adventure through art.

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Personalised Mugs like Keep Calm Mugs are Cool presents for birthdays in 2015

2015 is well under way and there are 12 whole months of birthdays this year. If like , you have large family which means that month brings at least 3 or 4 birthdays, then the total cost of forking out for birthday gifts can run into hundreds of pounds. Yet you don’t want to be reduced to buying cheap gifts from your local pound shop, so what can you do to reduce your birthday budget yet still present friends and family with thoughtful and meaningful birthday gifts?

What you need are ideas that won’t break the bank but will still demonstrate to friends and family just how much they mean to you. Choosing a bespoke and eloquent birthday gift can often be just as much fun as receiving one so here are our top tips to getting some truly unique personalised birthday gifts.

What about a Mug!

There are some great looking personalised mugs that represent character of the on 1 whom you want to give that, such as Union Jack  or Keep Calm mugs with the names engraved on the outside. These gifts are perfect for work fellows who like to have their own personal mugs at tea times and also tea/coffee lovers. They make lovely gifts from children to granny or grandpa and are inexpensive enough as teacher’s gifts too!

Engraved glasses square measure another fashionable personal present item and you’ll be able to get a spread of private tableware to suit the recipient like incised tankards for the person United Nations agency loves his real beer, or a try or wine glasses with a personal bottle of wine for the wine infatuated couple, or however regarding AN incised champagne glass to celebrate that milestone birthday? For an additional special bit will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} fill the glasses with sweets; a champagne glass stuffed with Love Hearts builds an affordable nevertheless completely romantic gift and a drinking vessel inscribed with a message and given with a can of his favorite tipple can make the perfect present for him. These very little touches build AN already personal gift far more thoughtful and distinctive.


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Online Cell Phone Repair

One of the greatest things you can do to your old phones is bringing them back to life. At Phone Store Denver, this is made exemplary easier. With our highly trained professionals and Online Cell Phone Repair Training and services, you are always assured that you can give your old phone a new life.Buy Cell Phones We are stocked with staffs and technicians who are extremely skilled and always equipped with the know-how that can be used to carry out repairs for newest phone brands as they storm the technology market. Whether you need repair for your iPhone, iPads, iPods, Windows and Android Smartphones, Tablets, just to mention but a few. Phone Store Denver will provide you with the services.


There are plenty of benefits that come with the use of our Cell Phone Repair services also you can Sell Used Cell Phones. Remember that some repairs will require re-installation of new phone parts. You are always guaranteed of the best phone accessories and repairing parts. What about our Online Cell Phone Repair training and services? Worried because we are located in Denver, Co whereas your location is on another state, country or continent? You shouldn’t have to worry. We have got the online package where we can guide you on how your Cell Phone will be repaired. The essence here is to ensure that we have served you all your phone repair needs.

We do all our things very fast, but also ensure that the quality of our services is maintained. There are a couple of Online Cell Phone Repair programs that you can access from us. With them, you will be able to study, learn and repair your old phones. Of course, you will want to use the skills that you have gained from us to repair your friends and family members old phone. That is the added advantage of getting the Phone Repair Training from us.

By saying Online Denver Cell Phone Repair, we mean that we will be enticed to serve you no matter how far you are located from us. We have made all our training programs clear and precise. You will get direct information regarding the tools and accessories that you will require for you to carry successfully out the repair. Our skilled repair technicians will assist you through the entire process just to make sure that you have not caused further damages on your device rather than actually eliminating the existing damages.

There are various types of damages on your old phones that might lead you to seek for the repair services. Damages resulting from cracked screens, data transfer, broken hinges, replacement of your cell phone housing, broken housing, volume problems, broken speakers, water damage, broken charge port, or cracked touchscreen or lens are some of the common repairs that you might need to get the knowledge on how to tackle them.

Why should you spend more on a new phone while you can cut the cost by repairing your existing phone? Phone Store Denver is your ultimate solution for all your cell phone repair problems and training. Get in touch with us for the best Online Cell Phone Repair Training and Services!

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Dufan / Dunia Fantasi Annual Pass Promo

Ahead of the Christmas holiday and New Year 2015, dufan as the most popular family recreation is again held a promo for you and your family who want to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays there. there are at least 2 Dunia Fantasi latest promo december, one promo card renewal annual pass dufan where this promo had already started since the 1st of December last.

To extend the annual pass card, there are some requirements that you must meet in advance, the conditions are not too complicated anyway, Special to the promo period 1 to 31 December 2014, you can renew your card only Rp. 290,000, how? see review below:

It is very easy. You simply buy a ticket and show the extension of the Annual Pass Annual Pass card at the counter of your old Dufan. After that, you will be directed to the building Fatahilah Dufan to submit Annual Pass the old card and get a card Annual Pass with validity period which has been extended.
By extending the Annual Pass, you will get a lot of benefit. Because not only saves the cost of holidays throughout the year, but you can also enjoy the new ride Hello Kitty Adventure and Ice Age unlimited rides! Extend Annual Pass Dufan now!
For more information, contact the Contact Center Ancol at 021-29222222 or followancoltmnimpian.

Dunia fantasi theme park Promo latest Dufan second is Splash Sensation, this promo itself prepared by a special dufan to welcome Christmas and New Year holidays in 2015 that will soon arrive, vacation moment of utilized by many families to vacation together. This promo itself applies in the Atlantis Water Adventure and Ocean Dream Ocean. Only by paying Rp. 160,000 alone, visitors along the whole family can enjoy a variety of recreational facilities outstanding at the Atlantis Water Adventure and Ocean Dream Ocean as well.

At the Atlantis Water Adventure, visitors can feel the sensation of swimming in one of the largest water themed park in Indonesia, which has 8 main pool shades of ancient Greece, in addition visitors can also test your adrenaline with skating in Crazy Highest Longest Slide.

At Ocean Dream Ocean, visitors can take the whole family to see the agility and intelligence of various animals such as dolphins, sea lions, and a parrot. Visitors can also watch a stuntman show titled The Scorpion Pirates. At Ocean Dream Ocean visitors also have the opportunity to watch Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, and The Lost World with 4-dimensional technology.

Promo Splash Sensation includes meal voucher of Rp 10,000. Plus if you buy 5 tickets, visitors also get a voucher to stay at Mermaid Cottage Rp. 500,000, with effect from January 5 – March 31, 2015.

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צילום לידה להריון ראשון

תקופת הריון היא הזמן הקיף ל34. 36weeks. זה זמן שבו אמהות מרגישים שינויים רבים בגופם ומצבו הנפשי.ההיבט החשוב ביותר של תקופה זו הוא ההתרגשות שהם מקבלים על ידי ההדמיה הילד הבא. אם זה בפעם הראשונה, זה חוויה חדשה לגמרי עבור נשים. במהלך תקופה זו, הם עוברים דרך שלב שינוי שמוביל אותם ממעמדה של האישה למעמדה של אמא. שינוי זה חשוב גם כי זה מביא הרבה אחריות חדשה גם. אתה צריך לתכנן לצרכי שונים של יילוד. ברוב של אלה, אתה צריך מעורבות הפעילה של בעל, בני המשפחה ואפילו את הילדים שלך. אחרי הכל, זה הוא חובה קולקטיבית לברך את הזווית הקטנה.

צילומי הריון בכל שבוע של תקופת הריון מביא רגשות חדשים ושינויים פיזיים. הרבה פעמים אתה צריך את תמיכתם של אחרים, אבל רוב הזמן אתה הוא זה שמרגיש לבד החוויות האלה לוקחת אותם כתהליך טבעי. בסך הכל, החוויה של להיות בהריון היא ייחודית בפני עצמו וזה הדבר שיש לשמר לנצח. צילום לידה הוא הדרך הטובה ביותר לשמר את הרגשות האלה ייחודיים ושינויים פיזיים.השיגעון גדל והולך לצילום הריון מוכיח שהיא צברה קבלה חברתית ברחבי העולם. רוב הזוגות מקבלים את החשיבות של צילום לידה ולבחור עבורו. בצד השני הרבה זוגות מוכנים, להתמודד עם התנגדויות רב-ממדיות וכתוצאה מכך הם יתנו להזדמנות זו “אלוהים המחונן ‘ללכת פסולת. לכישלון הזה, אף אחד אחר לא, אבל הם עצמם אחראים.בעיות הנפוצות שסופרות על ידי הזוגות, מתנגדים להם מצורך הפעלת צילום הריון, הן:


בוק בת מצווה חוסר רצון יש לי צילום יולדות הריון להריון ראשון
התנגדות של בן משפחת הבכור על ידי
תקציב לצילום
מיקום מרוחק מהעיר
חוסר ניסיון בצילום תקופת ההריון
כל הסיבות לעיל פשוט נראות תירוצים כדי לצמצם את חסרונות אישיים. קודם כל הזוגות חייבים לדעת כי כל הריון וכל ילד הוא חשוב באותה מידה והגברת הרה עוברת חוויות שונות במהלך הריונות שונים. אז, אתה לא יכול להחליט את החשיבות של הריון על פי הסדר. אם יש לך כוח רצון חזק, אתה יכול בקלות לשכנע את בני משפחה מתנגדים. משימה זו לא מסובכת מדי, כי פנימי גם הם משוכנעים בחשיבותו של צילום לידה. שימוש בגלרית לידה או התייחסות של מישהו קרוב למשפחה בקהילה היא הדרך טובה לשכנע אותם. כמו כן, אין צורך לדאוג לתקציב; זה תמיד נמצא בפקודתך.

רק חבל מאוד, להפוך חזק כוח הרצון, לתכנן טוב יותר וללכת קדימה לבחון דרכים חדשניות של נהנה צילום לידה.

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Understanding Car Lease Deals

Car lease deals is another term for contract rents, Personal automobile Leasing applies completely to non-public people. it’s the foremost common kind of automobile leasing and typically once the term ‘car leasing’ is spoken, the general public would be talking concerning personal contract rent.

With a personal car leasing agreement you are taking management of a automobile for a hard and fast amount – sometimes spoken because the ‘lease period’. this is often usually between 24-48 months. though the automobile is in your possession, it’s not really yours and you are doing not own it. Instead, you create fastened regular monthly payments to a leasing company for the period of the contract. once the contract expires you just hand the automobile back to the leasing company. As a results of this you ne’er need to worry concerning residual worth of the automobile – as a result of you ne’er own it, you just hand the automobile back and leave.

Your monthly payments are supported the residual worth of the vehicle, can|this may|this can} be calculated by the length of your contract and also the annual mileage the automobile will cowl. If you exceed the in agreement mileage you may be penalized within the kind of associate degree excess mileage charge, this can be quoted to you within the contract at associate degree in agreement pence per mile rate.

To determine your payments, the leasing company can calculable residual worth of the automobile, this is often the subtracted from the acquisition value to administer a figure which will set you monthly rentals.

The Positives and Negatives of non-public Contract Hire?

Here ar some benefits to non-public contract hire:

Fixed costs – you’ll lease a brand new automobile at a hard and fast monthly value and not need to worry concerning interest charges or depreciation prices.

Small initial payment – sometimes 3-6 monthly payments.

Road fund licence – this can be enclosed for the period of the agreement.

Optional maintenance packages – Personal contract rent deals may embrace maintenance packages thus you won’t need to worry concerning the prices of coupling and tyres.

No depreciation worries – You don’t have the effort of mercantilism the automobile at the top of the contract and you don’t need to worry concerning its selling worth.

A few disadvantages of non-public Contract rent are:

You ne’er own the vehicle and can not get the V5 document

Potential excess mileage charge and harm prices on termination.

Insurance premiums will usually be higher, as you’re not the owner.

No choice to purchase the automobile.

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Can you make your own Garden Sheds , yes but not a Good option

There are those hardy venturous varieties that started to make their own garden sheds in a very bid to avoid wasting a whole lot or even thousands of pounds. typically relations can roll their eyes at your latest whim – and sensible luck to you! but, here are some reasons we have a tendency to at Sheds Direct would counsel you provide us a decision instead.

Lack of skills

If you’re creating your garden shed beneath the superintendence of knowledgeable otherwise you have received some form of coaching in shed creating, then fabulous. But…

If you’ve got no skills some and this is often your 1st time in attempting to make a shed, then it’ll be quite troublesome for you to end your garden workshop. Even easy tasks like hammer nails and victimisation power tools need bound experience and skills. ne’er mind understanding the standard of wood, the depth, a way to construct the frame, the roof etc.

At Sheds Direct we’ve got skilled shed manufacturers World Health Organization develop garden sheds of the very best normal victimisation the newest instrumentality.

Lack of kit

Chances are you won’t posses the progressive and high-priced tools / instrumentality that’s needed to make quality sheds.

Many different varieties of tools (both hand and power tools) ought to be purchased beforehand. prime quality tools and their elements price many hundred pounds (and even thousands of pounds) – that means your tools might price over the worth of the particular shed value. If you are doing a price profit analysis, creating your own garden shed can price plenty.

Sheds Direct has all the trendy and latest tools for constructing prime quality, sturdy and durable garden sheds.

Lack of help

Constructing a garden shed needs you to possess help, particularly after you ought to install facet walls AN roof. One or 2 individuals ar typically unable to suit these walls properly.

Sheds Direct consists of a team of skilled shed manufacturers World Health Organization assure you that they’ll deliver prime quality garden sheds on the doorstep.

Shed creating – A Time overwhelming method

If you’ve got plenty of your time to spare for your shed creating then that’s fine, however if you’ve got a full time job otherwise you ar a full time student, then you would possibly wish to skip this idea of creating your own garden shed.

From coming up with to creating to collection to finish touches, every and each step of shed creating needs plenty of some time.

Your own Physical Strength

Last however not least, you’re needed to possess an explicit quantity of physical strength to make sheds. Your garden shed would force plenty of your physical effort with work yet. a number of our larger garden workshops weight a weight unit or more!

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Real Estate Agents in Canada started using Drones

For real estate marketing Canadian real estate brokers are embracing the usage of drones to assist promote properties and properties, particularly helpful for “displaying” them to potential out-of-city consumers.

Brokers say the aerial images know-how provides folks a greater take a look at properties on the market, giving them a really feel for the lay of the land with out being there in particular person.

  • Canadian companies harness drone expertise real estate marketing tools
  • Industrial drones may have ‘infinite’ makes use of beneath Canada’s legal guidelines
  • Minister of transport, points new drone security tips

Transport Canada recently announced new rules and regulations around drones.

Transport Canada just lately introduced new guidelines and rules round drones. (File Picture)

As properly, drone know-how prices only some hundred dollars in comparison with the hundreds for hiring a helicopter and photographer.

Paul Rouillard, a Windsor, Ont.,actual property agent, makes use of a drone to make video excursions of his listed properties.

After seeing footage of a drone tour of a California dwelling 4 months in the past, he simply needed to have one.

“The second I noticed it, inside one hour I ordered a drone on-line. It was at my door inside 5 days,” Rouillard stated. “I had all my digital camera arrange inside one week, and I used to be flying and did my first tour by then.”

Rouillard says aerial footage can showcase a house like nothing else.

“We need to characteristic it. We need to spotlight it. We need to ensure that when someone does see it, their first intuition is, ‘Wow! I wish to come check out it,'” Rouillard stated. “We get that ‘wow issue’ on a regular basis.”

Freeman Aubin did not know what to anticipate when Rouillard supplied to file a drone tour of his property.

“However as soon as I noticed footage of it, I used to be actually amazed, and I stated, ‘Effectively, yeah, for positive,'” Aubin stated.

Drone ‘thrilling for us’

Jim Williams makes a speciality of business real estate in Windsor.

He says an eye fixed within the sky will assist him establish improvement alternatives. He needs a drone by early subsequent 12 months.

“To have the ability to fly downtown Windsor and search for vacant websites, potential buildings that could possibly be repositioned, redeveloped, to do it from the air offers you a complete completely different perspective,” Williams mentioned. “So these are the actual particular causes the drone will likely be thrilling for us.”

Rouillard stated the drone has helped make out-of-city gross sales — and rapidly.

“I did it for one more shopper. By Day 2, we had a proposal on the property and it was from a purchaser in Toronto who’s by no means seen the property. They’d seen the tour, which is an entire aerial footage of the property and an inside tour, and it was bought inside one week they usually did not even see the property,” Rouillard stated.

Here is a pattern of Rouillard’s work:

Most drones vary in worth from a couple of hundred dollars for private plane to as much as $200,000 for business grade models, and may be operated with a controller, much like ones used for video video games, or by a pill or an iPhone.

Drones started cropping up in Canada’s real estate market over the previous couple of years.

Could also be a draw back to drones

Summerside, P.E.I.’s Michael Poczynek tprevious CBC Information in July 2013 his distant-management drone quad-rotor helicopter offers an entire new perspective, and is comparatively straightforward to make use of.

Paul Rouillard, a Windsor, Ont.,actual estate agent, makes use of a drone to make video excursions of his listed properties. (Youtube Display screen Grab)

“It has a constructed-in GPS, constructed-in compass, it has constructed-sensors to inform when the helicopter is shifting. So it does a variety of the flying for you, which makes it loads simpler and rather a lot higher for aerial pictures, as a result of in the event you let go of the controls it simply hovers there till the battery dies,” Poczynek stated again then.

Final yr, Transport Canada issued 945 Particular Flight Operation Certificates (SFOC), a greater than 500 per cent soar from one hundred fifty five certificates in 2011. The certificates are required to fly unmanned plane for industrial functions and sometimes element the place unmanned aerial automobiles may be flown, by whom, and through what time interval.

Drone use in the true property business is not infallible.

A 50-12 months-previous Australian girl advised the BBC she was humiliated when a drone utilized by an actual property agent captured a picture of her sunbathing topless in her yard.

By mistake, the picture of her carrying nothing however a thong whereas face down on her garden was used a billboard exterior the suburban improvement close to her residence.

Variety of actual property drones unknown

Pierre Leduc, spokesman for the Canadian Actual Property Affiliation, stated the affiliation doesn’t observe the variety of drones utilized by its members.

Leduc did say the affiliation has seen a spike in media tales protecting actual property brokers who use drones, and that essentially the most notable space of enhance is in rural and agricultural property.

He additionally famous extra chatter and tales being shared on a weblog hosted by the affiliation and utilized by its members.

“However we now have no severe numbers,” he mentioned.

He known as drones “one other instrument within the software equipment” for actual property brokers.

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