Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh sentenced for 10 years: Curtains for Sirsa’s ‘guru in bling’, but blind faith in godmen hard to end

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, the colorful leader of a controversial cult that has parts of northern India, lived his life almost as an abominable snowman – a creature rarely seen and feared and worshiped.

His instructions to his disciples were clear: the people of the commune should only be visible to him and wondered who he was. And they would be told that they saw God. They must be imbeciles and loyal.

The man with the beard and himself used messages encoded strangely for his disciples who worshiped him as nothing less than God and accepted his sermons. Knowing that the court’s verdict could be the worst moment of his world’s life, Singh’s confidants, obviously under the instruction of the guru bling, have sent text messages that say “break tomatoes.”

These words were supposed to wreak havoc. More than 15,000 subscribers were paid 1,000 rupees per person to go to court, ask the police officers to follow the case. Many were informed that they were specifically selected for a special session of Singh’s sermon. Eight such workers were arrested and detained by the Haryana police.

The cops who click on the case say they are horrified to see how Singh ran his empire at Sirsa. Singh’s men practiced practically a parallel economy, strongly forbidding members of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect from interacting with someone who is not a member.

The municipality had its own currency, aluminum pieces that could be bought with Indian currency and used in the commune to buy food and rooms on foot. No other currency was allowed. The city had no television, only giant screens depicting Singh as the Dashavatar, title of Lord Vishnu.

Singh was shown as a saint, a philanthropist, an athlete, an actor, a singer, a filmmaker, a writer, a letterist and an autobiographer, and a messenger of God. After Sehgal, a farmer who lost his 20 acres of land to the Singh sect, said he was astonished to see Dera’s followers use these special pieces as their own currency.

“For a few months, I was also absorbed in their sleep, and when I came out of their clutches, I had lost a large part of my land, a tyrant and a sex maniac.” They behaved as if in a trance, “says Sehgal. The Dera leader, Sehgal said, deliberately created an image of invincibility around him and lived in his specially designed Kali Goofa (Black Cave).

Sehgal said he could enter the cave (read at home) only once. The place looked like the fabulous Xanadu of Mandrake, the Magician. “Cars loaded with Turbo were moving at full speed, the doors burst like lightning, armed guards at regular intervals exchanged their travel cards for a new trip.

I was driven into dark tunnels that illuminate the friction of car tires. And finally, I was brought to a room where he sat on the throne as Jabba the Hut (of Star Wars fame). “Sehgal said the first meeting with Singh is always special.

Visitors do not talk, they have to bow their heads and look at the ground. Why? “They told me that you do not look at God’s eyes, that you look at his feet. And it was only when Singh reported that first-time visitors were invited to the throne.

Singh supporters took around Sehgal, showing aloe vera juice farms that according to them were intended for export, is a cricket stadium with bare hands and no machines, and an open-air auditorium. You could get a fiberglass cover in Minutes if there was rain.

“All that God has done, everything has had special contact with God.” But the house of letters of Rahim collapsed. Police, who locked themselves in Singh claimed that a significant number of followers of Dera inner lining to reveal “secrets Secrets “of a man who still worshiped as a god.

“No one else was seen as a second or even a third command in the Dera,” said Navdeep Singh Virk, IGP Rohtak Range, during a brief telephone interview.

Virk said that Singh had a double personality. During the sermons, he wore a flawless white suit, common to all the self-taught Gods of India.

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