We are not competing well with China: Rahul Gandhi in Princeton

New Jersey, Sept. 20 (ANI): Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi said India does not compete well with China. Rahul, speaking to students at Princeton University on Tuesday, said it was very important for India to compete with China quickly while advancing with “enormous power.”

“We have to compete with China and we do not do well.” China has a very clear vision, India has a similar vision, how is this vision, what kind of cooperation do we have between us? we must realize that China is advancing with enormous power, and we must work accordingly, “he said.

Rahul Gandhi added that the centralization of power is another problem facing India. For a more transparent system, he said: “The centralization of power is a great reason Too few people control too much Decentralization of power is necessary Transparency is necessary People must know what happens in the meetings where they are held for me, it’s about openness. ”

Rahul also said the Make-In-India program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of targeting large companies should focus on promoting small businesses. Asserting that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) initiative should help small businesses thrive, Rahul said: “In my view, the culmination of the” Make in India “concept and the goal of the” Make in India “India concept “must be different.

Therefore, the Prime Minister believes that the goal of the concept should be the big companies. I think the concept should focus on small businesses. Rahul also stated that India must work to provide adequate education and health services to all its inhabitants, both rich and poor, and stressed the need to work on the lines of gender equality equality.

Rahul Gandhi’s address comes a few days after his recent speech at the University of California, Berkeley, where, in his address on “India at 70,” he reflected on contemporary India and the world’s largest democracy road . (ANI)

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